Master Planning

We conceptualize unconventional and unique designs, spatial layouts and landscapes with due consideration to geographical conditions, socio-economic background of the space, cultural significance, prevailing Architectural codes; and most important of all, the taste and requirements of our clients.

Project Management Consultancy

We have an extremely competent team of Project Managers who are so well-equipped with rich knowledge & experience that enables them to provide expert project management advice and expert suggestions to the clients. With their expertise, our PMs face various challenges with utmost professionalism; which involve challenges pertaining to Designs, Constructability, Long lead material, Inter Contractor Coordination, Engineering, Safety etc.


Our vibrant team of Architects creates intelligent and sustainable designs in the arena of Urban Design, Residential, Commercial, Hospitality and Institutional. The team also has an exceptional knack for interior designs of various kinds & magnitudes of structures.

Repairs & Restoration

With expert civil engineers on board, we have carried out repairs to numerous complex structures including Power Stations, Refineries, Water Reservoirs, Chimneys, Silos, Earth Quake affected structures etc. Our team of experts strives to deliver cost effective and sustainable solutions for wide range of distresses including leakage/seepage, corrosion, aging, design deficiency, construction defects, fire & earthquake.

Our Structural engineers are experts in creating sturdy frameworks onto which structures are built. The team possesses innate knowledge of all the integrated parameters of a sound structural design encompassing stability, strength and rigidity of the structure. Having designed many renowned structures across various sectors, the team has reached the new heights of expertise in engineering design and structural analysis.
Heritage Conservation
Structwel is one of the renowned consultancies in India in the field of Heritage Conservation & Restoration. We have restored several Historical Monuments & World Heritage Sites of magnificent historical and cultural value. It’s not only the expertise & deep knowledge but also its sheer passion for conservation that sets Structwel apart in this arena.
Our team of highly competent mechanical engineers is known for creating smart designs with extreme optimization and sustainability. The team has worked on many major industrial projects delivering complex & integrated piping, HVAC & firefighting designs; in addition to a number of commercial, residential and institutional projects.
Research & Development
Structwel Material Testing Laboratory is one of the few Government of India recognised R&D Labs in India. We undertake in-house R&D based on the requirement of our projects and clients. Our qualified R&D professionals also engage in extensive research to find out cost effective & suitable substitute material for construction and repairs. The team also aims at studying the ways to save manpower, bring in automation in the process, re-aligning the machinery lay-out for efficient testing & machinery handling etc.
Electrical & Instrumentation
Our E&I Team consists of qualified professionals who create smart electrical designs that seamlessly meet the requirements of clients with the application of sustainable and effective technology. The team has delivered many complex projects across different sectors including residential, commercial, industrial and infrastructural.
Quantity Surveying
We have a designated team of expert Quantity Surveyors with proven expertise in construction cost and contracts. The team wisely employs its rich knowledge in Cost Estimation, Cost Planning & Value Engineering while ensuring that quality projects are delivered within a stipulated budget and that they meet all the building, health & safety regulations.
Fire Detection & Protection
We master in Design and Operation of fire detection and fighting systems. Our dynamic MEP team strives to incorporate latest and efficient technologies into the designs; thus, delivering cost effective and smart design options.
Heat, Ventilation & Air Conditioning
We have an extremely competent team of HVAC engineers who strive to provide safe and comfortable indoor environment to our clients with design solutions that help in maintaining exceptional Indoor Air Quality. The team has delivered numerous design solutions to clients across different sectors and magnitudes.
Construction Material Testing
We conduct more than 450 construction material tests in our well-equipped and modern ISO/IEC 17025 : 2017 certified laboratories. Our highly trained team of laboratory professionals and technicians possess expertise in conducting tests for concrete and concrete material for physical and chemical properties, other building materials, steel for physical and chemical properties, concrete for NDT, chemical tests for admixture, concrete additives for physical and chemical properties, concrete durability tests etc.
Public Health Engineering
We provide complete solutions for PHE requirements for any civil structure right from calculating water requirement to designing the complex web of plumbing that caters to every specific & minute requirement of our clients. Our team has special knack for designing landscape irrigation layouts.
Geotechnical Testing
Our laboratory professionals hold expertise in conducting study of the physical properties of Soil & Rock, Modulus of Elasticity, Poisson Ratio, Brazilian Test & Point Load Index Test. Our Laboratory is well equipped as per ISO/IEC 17025:2017 to evaluate various parameters to determine the design & type of foundations; thus, giving scientific backing to the structural design. Apart from Soil investigation, our team is also qualified to undertake other Field Geotechnical Testing such as Boring, Standard Penetration test, Field Density Test by Core Cutter and Sand Replacement, Field CBR, Plate Load Test, Electrical Resistivity Test etc.
Structural Health Assessment
We specialize in conducting Structural Health Assessment and are well-known in the field for implementing unconventional and modern techniques to this area of civil engineering. We have robust experience of conducting Structural Health Assessment of many Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Heritage buildings, Bridges & Flyover & Marine Structures.