Structwel Certifications India LLP

Third Party Quality Audits & Inspections


To be a Global Leader in conducting Quality Audits & Third Party Inspections of Buildings & Infrastructure Projects etc.


Structwel Certification India LLP strives hard relentlessly to exceed customer satisfaction and expectations by adopting impartial and competent approach to its functioning. The firm aims at providing certification services as per the requirements of national and international standards.

Quality Policy

Structwel Certification India LLP is committed to provide quality inspections, supports and services. Our Inspection body aims to execute inspections economically and on time with standards that will meet or exceed our client’s requirements. It will be the policy of the organization to improve upon operational procedures and systems through continual improvement program. Inspection and services provided by our Inspection Body shall conform to the requirements specified by our clients.

The Management shall provide leadership and resources to ensure continued conformance with these requirements. The commitment to the quality will be ensured from beginning to the end.

Personnels concerned with the inspection activities are familiar with the inspection procedures and quality documentation. Quality system is dynamic one which shall be regularly reviewed and audited internally. It shall be the policy of the organization to ensure that the Top Management adhere to the commitment of impartiality and financial and political considerations shall not influence their decision making process.